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The Research Foundation of the Rolf Nevanlinna Institute

The Research Foundation of the Rolf Nevanlinna Institute supports the activities of the Institute as well as mathematical research in general. The Foundation supports the International Visitor Program in Mathematics jointly coordinated by The Finnish Mathematical Society. Some past and future main events of the visitor program are the theme years:

The Foundation awards an annual prize for the best doctoral thesis in Mathematics. Currently the Foundation cannot support other activities.

The board of the Foundation is:

Prof. Mats Gyllenberg, chairman, University of Helsinki
Prof. Samuli Siltanen, University of Helsinki
Prof. Sirkka-Liisa Eriksson, University of Tampere
Prof. Juha Kinnunen, Aalto University
Prof. Antti Kupiainen, University of Helsinki

Contact Information

The trustee of the Foundation:
Prof. Camilla Hollanti, Aalto University
Department of Mathematics and System Analysis
P.O. Box 11100
FI-00076, Aalto, Finland

E-mail: camilla . hollanti (at) aalto . fi
Mobile: +358 50 562 8987

The secretary of the Foundation:
Satu-Maija Meldo
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
P.O. Box 68 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland

E-mail: satu-maija.meldo at
Phone: +358 2 941 51507