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Aims and Scope

The Third Baltic-Nordic Conference on Survey Statistics - BaNoCoSS-2011 - will be held on 13-17 June 2011 in Norrfällsviken on the High Coast in northeastern Sweden, see http://www.norrfallsviken.com.

BaNoCoSS-2011 is a scientific conference presenting current developments on theory, methodology and applications of survey sampling and survey methodology and related areas of research in statistical science and statistics production.

The conference aims to provide a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas for a variety of people. These include, for example, statisticians, researchers and other experts of universities, national statistical institutes, research institutes and other governmental bodies, and private enterprises, dealing with survey research methodology, empirical research and statistics production. University students in statistics and related disciplines provide an important interest group of the conference.

BaNoCoSS-2011 is organized by the Baltic-Nordic-Ukrainian Network on Survey Statistics, University of Umeå, Stockholm University and University of Helsinki.

Former conferences on survey statistics organized by the network include:

BaNoCoSS-2007 in Kuusamo, Finland

BaNoCoSS-2002 in Ammarnäs, Sweden

Additional information on the activities of the Baltic-Nordic-Ukrainian Network on Survey Statistics is available at http://wiki.helsinki.fi/display/BNU.